Decorating the Christmas Tree

Hi! I know, things have been super busy lately. I wanted to make lots of Christmas posts, but between school, parties, Christmas caroling, shopping, and getting ready for a trip, I just didn’t find any time.

Anyway, we put a Christmas tree up earlier this month. My next door neighbor, Chrissa, helped me decorate it. My sister said she had too much homework (aka playing games on her iPad; we all know that) and my brother said that Christmas trees are for sissies. Sigh. So I was telling my friend about it on the way home from school and she offered to help me. She’s a great friend.

Here I’m opening the box of Christmas ornaments.

Chrissy’s dog, Coconut, wants to play with them. So I hold onto him while I hand Chrissa the ornaments.

The Christmas tree isn’t very tall this year, so we don’t need a ladder.

And here is our tree! Isn’t it pretty?

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