Christmas Morning (well, sortof)

Guys, I am so bad at this! But we did go on a very exciting trip this Christmas, so I don’t feel too bad. 🙂

We went to Canada to Quebec City over Christmas. They have real winter up there, with snow on the ground and ice on the lakes. And we did lots of skating. We visited the old part of Quebec which was really cool. It was built by the French in the early 1600s. For some reason the English came along and decided they wanted the city, so to protect the city the French built walls and set up canons.

We had our family Christmas just before we left. Dad said something about opening them after we got back but we put up a fuss. So we opened them on the Friday morning before Christmas.

I saw a suspiciously doll sized box under the tree. I’ve begged for a doll for the last three Christmas’s! But my parent’s always told me I was too young or wasn’t careful enough with my things or something. 😦 But this Christmas, maybe…!

I’m gonna be soooo disappointed if it’s not a doll. But I will try to be grateful anyway…

It is, it is!! It’s Isabelle!! I’ve always loved her because she danced. And her movie is awesome. I love ballet. Eeek, I’m so happy! Thanks, mom and dad!

I love her so much!

And I love all my other presents, too. I hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

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