My Attic

Hey, guys, it’s me here, Penny. Remember me? 🙂

So I wanted to introduce you to my hiding spot last week but our internet shut down and wasn’t restarted till yesterday. In my sister, Alessandra’s words, “Sooo annoying!” (Followed with a dramatic eyeroll) The rest of us are silently cheering inside because now she can’t beg to play games on her phone. Hehe… or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know.

Well, anyway, to the point…

I love our attic. Even if it is freezing right now, and boiling hot in the summer. I love the attic because it’s so quiet up there, and if I’m as quiet as a mouse nobody even knows I am there. And so mom can’t ask me to do the dishes, and my little brother can’t tease me, and my sister can’t roll her eyes and me and mutter, “Whatever” under her breath.

We live in a sort of old log house. Well, I guess it’s old. Dad says it was built in the 1990s. So it’s not older than my parents, and they aren’t that old. But for some reason we have a lot of old things in our attic. Dad says they are kind of family heirlooms. When my Grandma died this past summer, we got a bunch of her things that had been in the family for a few generations. We store most of them in the attic, since my mom and dad like modern furniture. But I love old things. I wish I lived in the early 1900s, when people lived in fancy, beautiful houses and wore frilly clothes. Sigh…

So here is the attic. I cleaned all the cobwebs and dusted everything off. I use this old desk to write and do my homework.

Here is a closer look. I love the old things I found, like the camera and old photos. The camera unfortunately doesn’t work any more.

I keep my doll up here too. And I also have a nesting doll! It’s not old, unfortunately. But I think it looks so cool.

I hope my little brother doesn’t read this blog, hehe. Because I’m about to show you where I hide my candy. Oh well, it’s in a really obvious place anyway. I hide it in the bottom drawer of my desk. And yes, I still have Christmas candy left.

And I totally have to show you this cool thing I found. I guess it’s a hanger for clothes or accessories. This was one of my Grandma’s things that she had in her house.

So anyway, there is my hiding spot. I love it, don’t you?

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