Valentine’s Day Party

Long time no see! How are you all doing?

We’ve never done a Valentine’s Day Party before but me and my sister have been begging for one every year. Well, as you can tell by the title, my mom finally gave in! As we were spending money to get ready for it, we got even more excited! We had so many ideas that we had gathered through the last few years. After we checked out, my mom took one look at the total on the receipt and promptly said, “Never again!” We groaned, and she said, “Well, you’ll just have to make the best of it.” Just like moms do. Ugh.

Anyway, we invited a bunch of our friends over and we decided on the Saturday after Valentine’s Day for the party. So, I’m sorry if you are all valentined out. 😛 (That’s supposed to be eyes and mouth with a tongue sticking out.)

Mom said we had to do the decorating and she would make the cake. We had a unicorn themed party! We told everyone to wear pink. I told my sister that she wasn’t wearing pink. She says her dress IS pink! I secretly think that she’s colorblind.
Here are my sister and I waiting on our friends to come.

First came Marisol. She always dresses so pretty.

Then the rest of our friends came in a heap. Mia, Grace, and Natasha.

Everyone was starving, so first we ate. We had chocolate covered pretzel sticks covered in rainbow sprinkles, a unicorn cake, and several different kinds of candy. That was a lot of sweets! We also had lemonade. My mom says we need to be sure to brush our teeth tonight after this party.

My mom let me cut the cake for everyone.

Then came the pinata! Yup, it’s a unicorn! We had lots of fun smacking it. I handed the stick to Natasha first.

Marisol was next.

She tried her best, but nothing happened.

Mia is next. She is strong. She loves baseball. We have a lot of hope that she will be the one to do some damage.

And YAY!! She did it!

My sis gave it a HARD smack; and candy went flying everywhere! We greedily snatched it up!

But don’t worry; we made sure everyone got some.

Next we did a craft.

And here’s mine!

It’s a Valentine Monster! I hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s day and a lovely February!

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